Welcome Payors

Through the use of InterWest's PPO network, payors can have access to the largest, most comprehensive network in the region at prices which are competitive with other payors in the local marketplace.

InterWest is different from other PPO networks in that it is not aligned with a particular hospital or insurance company. It is an independent preferred provider organization aimed at serving the needs of payors wanting access to a broad-based, cost-effective delivery system to support their health benefit plans.

Physicians and other practitioners are paid on a fee-for-service basis according to maximum allowable fee schedules or discounted charges. Hospitals and other facilities are paid on the basis of individually negotiated discounts, per diems or per case rates.

The payment arrangements that InterWest has negotiated with participating providers are among the best in the region, giving payors access to significant price discounts with no balance billing to enrollees.

Claims Repricing

InterWest Health can offer a repricing solution to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of how claims are repriced. The system is HIPAA compliant and offers flexibility in how claims are received and transmitted to payors.