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Provider Resources

InterWest offers a fair and reasonable level of payment to all participating providers that compares favorably to other payors in the local marketplace. There are no dues or fees that participating providers must pay to participate in InterWest.

How to Join InterWest

To join InterWest Health, providers need to complete a Provider Application form. The application will be reviewed to make sure the provider is in compliance with the company’s credentialing standards. Once this review is completed, the Agreement will be executed, with a copy returned to the provider.

Participating providers are credentialed according to standards based on NCQA and URAC guidelines. Providers are credentialed initially at the time of enrollment and every 3 years thereafter.

Providers who practice in a group setting may participate in InterWest under one Agreement, as long as they are covered under the same Tax ID. A completed application will need to be submitted for each participating provider for credentialing purposes.

Providers interested in joining InterWest can obtain copies of InterWest’s Provider Application form and Participating Provider Agreement from this website or by contacting InterWest at (406) 542-1912 or toll free at (877) 542-1912. Providers practicing in Idaho, Washington and other states that utilize standard application forms are welcome to use those standard forms in place of the InterWest Provider Application.

Benefits of Participation

InterWest Health is a preferred provider organization that strives to be of service to its Participating Providers by negotiating contracts with payors that are responsive to the needs of the medical community.

Some of the benefits of participating in InterWest’s PPO network include:

  • Provider-friendly contract developed with input from physicians and other providers and endorsed by the Montana Medical Association
  • Fair and reasonable level of payment that compares favorably with other payors
  • No fees or dues to participate
  • Right to withdraw from the network at any time, for any reason, with 90 days notice
  • Friendly, responsive service, including dedicated support to resolve EOB and other issues with payors
  • Access to InterWest’s contracted payors, representing over 100,000 enrollees in the service area
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